We Aim To Help As Many Organisations and individuals As Possible.


training opportunities for ex-servicemen and women

We run a UK Online class at Shiremoor Centre where we teach people basic online skills such as how to set up and use email and how to use the Internet. We can start with basic mouse and keyboard skills for those people who have not used a computer before.
We are at the Shiremoor Centre, Earsdon Road, Shiremoor every Monday andThursday from 10.00 am to 12 noon. They are not formal classes. They are run as drop in session where we try to give the learners one to one support as they work through online training modules designed for
beginners or those with limited online skills. Everyone is at a different stage and has their own individual learning needs, which is why it operates this way rather than as a formal class. The room is equipped with desktop computers, but is also wi-fi enabled so we can help those with their own laptops or tablet computers who want to learn to use them better. The sessions are free as we are volunteers and the ShiremoorCentre allows us to use the room without charge.

The building is accessible (North Tyneside Disability Forum is based there). Unfortunately we do not have any specialist equipment in the room for those unable to use a standard keyboard and mouse, although we would be happy to help anyone with their own adapted computer and one of
our desks is height adjustable to accommodate wheelchairs.
For Further Information Please Contact
Address: Shiremoor Centre Earsdon Road Shiremoor Newcastle upon Tyne NE27 0HJ
Telephone: (0191) 643 7930

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helping our injured servicemen & women on their long road to recovery,

If you think you would benefit from one of their Free short breaks

Contact us direct at info@excaliburunit.org.uk. we will then put you in contact with the rest and recover team in Menorca.


About the rest and recover Team.

They help our injured servicemen & women on their long road to recovery, by offering a free week away in the sun for them, and their partners/carers.
Well, in a word...they do everything! From paying for the flights to organising the villas, arranging rental cars, and making sure the kitchen cupboards and fridges are fully stocked. they try and make sure that everything their guests want is available. If you want to chill out by the pool, then that’s fine, but if you fancy a game of golf or go on a boat trip then they can arrange that too. they will meet you at the airport and take you to the villas, they even provide local call mobile phones so you can contact them whenever you want.

Please Read The Following And Download One Of Our APPLICATION Forms

Please Note For Individuals Request Form

We also help individuals with donations to help maybe for a new limb or replacement limb, or maybe that lost earnt medal.
We also like to help with Physiotherapy, Occupational therapy, Speech and language therapy, and end of life care for the physically disabled service men and women.
If you are an individual seeking help, please, download one of our individual request forms at the bottom of this page.
If you can send us as much information as you can for what the donation would be for and a little bit of history to your military service and contact number, we can then discuss with more privacy on a one to one basis.
All completed forms must be signed and posted to our office address.

Excalibur Unit was formed in 2008 to raise funds for military charities and Organisations, also to help serving and ex-serving members of our British armed forces, In 2011 Excalibur Unit was registered as a charity to support post services centre facilities for returning military personnel and veterans whereby they will have a base to rebuild their lives; to organise event days that bring ex military and their families together to socialise; to support military cadets; and to promote the efficiency of other organisations that share the same objects.

We give grants to organisations that share the same objectives as us.
We also help individuals with donations to help maybe for a new limb or replacement limb, or maybe that lost earnt medal.
We also like to help with Physiotherapy, Occupational therapy, Speech and language therapy, and end of life care for the physically disabled service men and women.
About you

• Are you a charitable organisation based in the U.K.?
• Do you share our aims and objectives?
• Can you demonstrate that the money we give you will directly benefit military personnel?
• Have you tried but cannot get all or part of the funding from other sources?
• Can you demonstrate that your organisation is run efficiently?

If your answer to these questions is YES then please fill out our application form and we may be able to help you.
If you are an individual, then please contact us at info@excaliburunit.org.uk and we will do our best to help where other charities cannot.

Scope of our grant-giving

We give grants to serving units of the armed forces and many charitable organisations in the U.K. to further one or more of our objectives.

What Excalibur Unit/Supporting Our Heroes grants may cover
. Individuals who may need new limbs or replacement limbs.
• Provision of aftercare treatments for returning soldiers (physiotherapy, counselling, etc)
• Restoration of war memorials
• Projects, for example, a particular time-limited activity that benefits serving and ex-service military personnel, veterans and
their families.

How much do we give?

Excalibur Unit/Supporting Our Heroes will make one off grant between £100 - £5000.

How we decide whether to Accept your application

We will look at the information about you and the reasons for wanting a Grant or Donation – This information will be supplied via your application form:

• You fit with our aims and objects
• Specific benefits for and/or evidence of meeting the needs of serving and ex-service military personnel, veterans and their
• That your Audited Accounts for the previous year show both evidence of need for grant and sound financial management
• The level of your reserves
• That other sources of funding have been explored
• That there are no risks to Excalibur Unit whether in terms of mismanagement of funds or of public reputation
• Detailed plan and budget for how the grant is to be spent

How long will it take?

Grants are normally awarded within 6 weeks of receipt of correctly completed application form.

How to apply?

Forms can be downloaded from the bottom of the page. Please fill in the form and send to us by post to:

Excalibur Unit / Supporting Our Heroes
52 Thursley Crescent
New Addington
Croydon, Surrey

Conditions of grant monitoring

We give grants subject to certain conditions which are explained to potential applicants and the outset, so that you know what would be expected of you and the undertakings you must give on receipt of grant. These conditions are in terms of:

• Confirming that the money will be spent as specified in the application
• Presenting accounts to demonstrate the above
• Acknowledging our grant in your annual report and other appropriate documents
• Providing an ‘end of activity’ report describing what was done, who benefited and how and any learning to inform our future
grant making policy.

Monitoring and Review

As just described, we seek a monitoring report from all recipients so that we can:

• Understand benefits for the ex-Service community and progress towards our objects
• Check volume of demand and better understand needs
• Check that internal administrative arrangements are efficient and effective
• Monitor expenditure and manage the grant budget effectively, including better forecasting and forward budget planning
• Review and reassess grant-making policy and procedure in the light of experience and lessons learned
• Demonstrate accountability
• Assist decision-making on further applications from the same charity

There is a monitoring form which all recipients are asked to complete either on completion of the funded activity or annually, whichever comes sooner, and this sets out some standard questions, for example:

• How was the money spent?
• How many people benefited, and who were they?
• What was achieved overall?
• Where there any changes to the planned activity and how were they dealt with?
• What would you do differently another time?
• What was most helpful/least helpful in how the Excalibur Unit dealt with the grant?
• What should we do differently in future?

The information given in these monitoring reports is then collated and presented in an Annual Review of Grant-making which is presented to our Board of Trustees. This is part of their continuing review of grant-making practice, policy and procedure in order to check that we are funding the right things in the right way.

Excalibur Unit / Supporting Our Heroes registered charity no.1143735 reserve the right to cancel any monies that have been awarded to a charity or organisation or individual that has not fullfilled their obligation to complete any information we have asked for or not complying with our monitoring regulations, any monies promised by our trustees will cease withing 1 calender year from application.
Applicants will then have to re- apply with a new application.

Individuals Request Form